Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Why We Do What We Do

It's no surprise to anyone that we here at Reading for Sanity kind of enjoy books. Reading is a necessity for us -- so much so that when my family moved this summer, instead of taking the much needed extra room and turning it into a guest room for out-of-state family (um, all of the them), I turned it into a library. Best. Decision. Ever. However, it saddens me when I hear so many individuals, kids and adults alike, who confess that they don't read anymore. Why?

I teach a Sunday School class and to my students' chagrin, I will absolutely NOT allow tech to be used in place of actual books of scripture. It's only taken one or two walks of shame to the library for these awesome kids to be trained, and we never have phones (ahem, Minecraft games) being used instead of bibles.

I found this article that resonated with me, and I want to get your thoughts on this. Have you noticed a change in your reading habits?


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